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Welcome! Please be aware of the content you are  now registered to see. 

The Devastation Dance Company  is  a Limited Liability Company. Our policies and guidelines are available in our Parent Handbooks, as well as in the studio.  All fee's are non-negotiable  and non-refundable. Our fee is broken down to provide the  structure, safety, and technique you seek. Please  read over contracts and documents  before signing up for any of our services.

Scholarships to dancers in need are provided based on available funding. We can only accommodate 2 (two) dancers per team each season. What is covered/provided  to scholarship awardees is private and disclosed to the care-taker of those dancers.

Any disagreements should be handled respectfully and accordingly. Please schedule an appointment to meet with the proper authorities so that  any matter in need of resolvement, can be resolved. We do not take heed to threat, virtual bullying or any other offensive way to solve a concern. We will use proper authorities if needed  and have no problem with  pressing charges.

Sponsorships and Donations are used for Devastation programing necessities or to assist dancers  who may have suffered from substantial traumas, severe financial circumstances, and educational preparation. Our partner program DDC Foundation (not for profit 5013c) is a major supporter who assist in providing mentoring and additional needed programing for all to be successful. We cannot afford any silliness or inappropriate behaviors that could subject us to risk or termination of any funding resources or programing.

We  ask that you take heed to such that is written and we hope that you understand  fully what we have said before continuing past this page.  So as it has been written, understanding has been met or will be achieved.

The Devastation Dance Company  & Affiliates


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