Competitions: Our Competitive teams travel. Schedules are put together in advance notice so that parents can plan accordingly. DDC does not always provide travel resources to parents, so it is best to plan personally. Any travel related expenses for dancers and/or parents will be organized and managed by our events coordinator Ms. Deidra McIlwain. 


Recital: Each year in June DDC will hold a huge recital event. This event is to show all of the talents our students have excelled at. There will be a variety of routines and productions to view. We try to do things a little different. It is very likely a surprise guest may be in the house. Recital performance techniques are mainly choreographed by our coaching staff: Valina Reyes, Tiinky Monroe, Kesi Akono, Janine Glover & Heavyn Glover-Magby.


Community events:

DDC is available for bookings both on and off season. Based of the demand of performances each team is only allowed a specific amount of unpaid performances. Bookings are based on team, member quantity, time, travel and attire if performing for a themed event is needed. All bookings can be made at Bookings must be made 30 days prior to event and may be subject to a non-refundable deposit. All Community affairs must submit request for performance as soon as your event is planed and coordinated, t0 reduce the risk of scheduling conflicts.